Micabliss Group was founded in 2006. This organization caters in producing tv programmes. Micabliss Group has been producing programmes for the local media for these last eight years. Since then, Micabliss Group has produced the following tv programmes: AROMA, AROMA BREEZE, MADAGASACR “Id-dinja tal-Annimali”, Topic, Sapori and Bejnietna. Micabliss Group has been airing its programmes on One TV, Education 22, Family TV, Smash TV, Favourite Channel, TVM and TVM2. The programmes vary from magazine, discussion and animal welfare ones. The two programmes being aired at the moment are ‘Bejnietna’, a discussion programme in which many important issues were discussed. The other programme is ‘Madagascar – Id-Dinja tal-Annimali’, a programme dedicated to animal welfare where pet nutrition, grooming, pet care, breeds of cats and dogs, rabbit care and breeds and animal welfare were the main topics being discussed by experts in the field.

For this summer, Micabliss Group is producing a light programme dedicated to the family called ‘Bejnietna l-Hbieb’. The programme is going to be aired every Friday at 21.00hrs with a repeat on Sunday at 18.30hrs and Monday morning at 08.00hrs on Favourite Channel. A different couple will be invited on this weekly programme, to share the experiences together from the first day they met till this very day. Besides getting to know the couple by relating their experiences, the televiewers will get to know the couple from a different aspect through one of their closest friends who will be preparing a delicious healthy meal in the kitchen. Micabliss Group has been working hard in order to produce good material for the media as regards tv programmes. The feedback is very positive and encouraging. Through the feedback new ideas emerge so that the standard can reach higher levels.