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Fil-Gnien ma' Melo

Fil-Gnien mà Melo, just perfect for all those green claws, whether gardening for the first time or not.

This gardening TV show is dedicated to gardening of botanical gardens around Sicily, during dazzling weather, bringing creativity, inspiration and optimism.

Together with the presenter Kevin Charles Micallef, he garden expert, Melosoul Balzan gives information about different types of plants and trees which grow in acres of greenhouses and amazing landscapes.

Spectecular views of the volcano also give an excellent background to the greenery and wonderful sceneries the programme will present.

Adding to this, the expert gives tips in how to look into alternative ways to make the most of one`s garden, also identify the problems with one may have with plants and follow the recommended solutions to treat them.

This programme is produced by Micabliss Group and presented by Kevin Charles Micallef.

Broadcasting on TVM: every Sunday at 16.45hrs with a repeat at 23.00hrs on the same day.

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Madagascar 'Id-Dinja tal-Annimali'

Madagascar 'id-Dinja tal-Annimali' evolves relationship and love just like best friends towards animals as family members.

This programme will bring up;

  • Veterinary needs, routine care and regular checks, yearly vaccinations, and diseases, are amongst the detailed topics, prepared.
  • Pet nutrition; the good and balanced nutrition one should give to the pet for a healthy life, is another fundamental topic.
  • The responsibility of pet ownership and pet law, a topic which will be covered by professional guest within the law and regulations.
  • Information by a canine expert about several types of dogs and dog breeds, their protective instincts, training, hints about interaction of dogs and humans, ideal breeds according to lifestyles and many more.
  • The alluring beauty of each feline, be it a domestic house hold cat or a particular cat breed, the feline expert will describe their uniqueness.
  • The program will also offer fascinating features from abroad of International and World, Cat and Dog Shows, giving importance to breeds never met on our island, so that audience get to learn more.
  • Show judges together with local and foreign breeders will be amongst the guests, widening the knowledge spectrum of both the feline and canine world.
  • Our pet need regular hygiene for their wellbeing, some of which need regular grooming too, thus a topic like this will never be missed. Coat's condition, hygiene and the importance of grooming will be discussed.
  • The real deal with wild creatures will also capture curiosity about the charming animal kingdom.
  • 'Madagascar' will be inspiring viewers with the studies of amphibians and reptiles, giving the correct information about these species, also checking out on some other favorites such as bees, sheep, hens, turtles, rabbits, sugar gliders, ponies, horses, etc.

Broadcasting on TVM: Every Saturday at 11.00hrs with a repeat at 23.00hrs on the same day.

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