Fil-Gnien Ma Milo

Those persons with green fingers and who love plants and gardening shall not miss the tv programme “Fil-Gnien ma’ Melo”,a programme dedicated to plants and gardens. The visits will take place in botanical gardens in the nearby island Sicily. Melosaul Balzan, the expert in this field gives ideas of how one should deal with gardens and plants in the best way possible. He will be speaking about the care of the plants and what should be done if diseases occur and how they may be cured.

In the program we will be visiting spectacular gardens and apiaries where we can learn about gardens in their grandeur. Besides this we will be having a remarkable appearance of the active volcano ‘Etna’ in the background when visiting these picturesque places.

Therefore it is a must not to miss this programme about plants and gardens, “Fil-Gnien ma’ Melo”,which will be broadcast on TVM and TVM2.

The program which is produced by Micabliss Group,will be presented by Kevin Charles Micallef.

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Thursday 10:30hrs
Saturday 18:45hrs
Sunday 10:30hrs


Monday 18:00hrs
Thursday 21:45hrs
Saturday 11:30hrs