Fil-Gnien Ma Milo

Fil-Gnien mà Melo, just perfect for all those green claws, whether gardening for the first time or not.

We have dedicated this programme to gardening and plants in different botanical gardens in Sicily, during summer’s dazzling sunny weather, bringing  creativity, inspiration and optimism.

Together with the presenter Kevin Charles Micallef, he garden expert, Melosoul Balzan gives information about different types of plants and trees which grow in acres of greenhouses and amazing landscapes.

Spectecular views of the volcano also give an excellent background to the greenery and wonderful sceneries the programme will present.

Adding to this, the expert gives tips in how to look into alternative ways to make the most of one’s garden, also identify the problems with one may have with plants and follow the recommended solutions to treat them.

This programme is produced by Micabliss Group and presented by Kevin Charles Micallef.

Streaming our Summer Schedule.

Broadcasting on TVM, as from Sunday 4th July,  18:45hrs.

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