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Madagascar id-Dinja Tal-Annimali will feature advice about the veterinary needs, the relationship with our pet companions, their care, yearly vaccinations, regular checks and diseases. Also pet nutrition; the good and balanced nutrition one should give to the pet for a healthy life.

A canine expert will deliver information about several types of dogs and dog breeds, their protective instincts, training, hints about interaction of dogs and humans, ideal breeds according to lifestyles and many more.

A feline professional will discuss the beauty of each and every feline, from domestic house hold cats to a variety of different cat breeds. Together with both canine and feline professionals the programme will offer fascinating features from abroad of International and World, Cat and Dog Shows, giving importance to breeds never met on our island, so that audience get to learn more. Show judges and both local and foreign breeders will be amongst the guests, widening the spectrum of both the feline and canine world.

Dogs and cats living within our household will need regular grooming too, thus a topic like this will never be missed. Coat’s condition, hygiene and grooming parlour will be discussed. The real deal with wild creatures will also capture curiosity about the enchanting animal kingdom. ‘Madagascar’ will be checking out on some kid-friendly favourites, from sheep to hens, turtles to rabbits, ponies and horses.

Inspiring viewers with the studies of amphibians and reptiles, giving the correct information about these species.

Aqua life and little sea creatures will make part of the content and explained with special interest by experienced aquarium keepers.

Last but not least this programme will present the responsibility of pet ownership and pet law, a topic which will be covered by professional guest within the law and regulations.

Dedicated to animals this pet television programme is aimed to bring together the wellbeing  and welfare of animals. This programme is produced by Micabliss Group and presented by Kevin Charles Micallef.

New Schedule (From October 2021):

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Saturday 15:45hrs