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The new schedule on F Living Channel will be airing again one of the most popular tv programmes dedicated to pets – Madagascar (Id-Dinja tal-Annimali). Micabliss Group has been producing this Animal lovers’ programme for these last ten years. This year, Madagascar (Id-Dinja tal-Annimali) will be aired every Saturday evening at 18.30hrs and with a repeat every Wednesday at 22.30hrs. This time the programme will be filmed outside the studios, where mostly nature will be the ideal setup for the programme dedicated to animals. All animal lovers’ will surely enjoy watching this programme since it includes informative topics about pets such as cats, dogs, exotic animals and more.

The programme aims to produce a holistic aspect in the wellbeing of pets. Nutrition is the basic element to a balance diet for the pets. In this section dedicated to nutrition, the televiewers will learn about the basic elements of pet nutrition and the ingredients one should look for when going to buy pet food. One should always look for quality rather than quantity when looking for good nutritional food for the pets. Breeds of cats and dogs are two other slots in the programme where information about different breeds of cats and dogs will be given. Various breeds of cats and dogs will be present together with their owners where information about the breed’s origin, grooming, exercise and health will be delivered. Information about Cat shows will be given prior shows so that the public can participate and visit the shows organized by the Malta Feline Guardians Club (MFGC). Dog behaviourism is another section in the programme where tips about how to teach a dog the best attitude will be provided. The medical aspect is one of the important topics in the programme where the vet will speak about the prevention and cure of pet illnesses. Animal welfare will be another slot in the programme where the Animal Welfare Commissioner will give a clear picture about Animal welfare and laws in Malta.

Animal Awareness is the top priority of the programme Madagascar (Id-Dinja tal-Annimali), where being an educational programme it is not to be missed by all those who would like to learn more for the benefit of all pets and animals. The programme is produced by MICABLISS GROUP and presented by Joanne Mifsud Micallef.


Schedule: (as from October 2015)

Saturday @ 18.30hrs
Wednesday @ 22.30hrs (Repeat)